Add a Document to Create Workflow Item

PaperSave gives you the ability to enter Transactions directly from an image within a Drop Point/Workflow Queue. PaperSave automatically attaches the original image to the transaction and eliminates all of the time needed to file a paper document.


Adding a document from Microsoft Office applications directly to the Drop Point/Workflow Queue is easy. Follow the steps given below:


1. Open any Microsoft Office Document. Click on Add Document button available in the toolbar as displayed below.


2. Add Document list option will expand as displayed in below screen. If you have already added some records, Drop Points/Workflow Queues, then its history will be displayed in the drop-down list. You can select More option to find a new record and add the respective document.



Last three Electronic Submission Drop Point types will be remembered under the history panel.




4. As you will select More, Choose the Record to associate to window will open as displayed below. Now you need to select appropriate Transaction Type for the Host Application (here, Host Application) from the left panel of the screen. Then click on Show all Records button on the toolbar to view all the records fore the selected Transaction Type.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


5. Select the appropriate Document Type from the Document Type drop-down list on the toolbar and select the Drop Point or Queue whichever is applicable based on the Workflow Type.


select queue


6. Then click Add To Workflow to add the selected document to the selected Drop Point/Queue. Once the document is added successfully added to the Drop Point/Queue, you will be able to view below displayed message. Click on OK button to exit the window.


add to queue confirm


The document you opened is now added to the selected Drop Point/Queue based on your selection.