Add Document Type

To add a new Document Type:


1. Click on Records Management in the PaperSave Settings.


2. Click on Document Type.


3. Select the Host Application, Module, and Transaction Type from the tree structure as shown below:



Click on image to view magnify and shrink print screen.


4. Click Add available on the toolbar and the following frame will open in the same window:


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


5. Provide a name for the Document Type.


6. Select the ScanLater Duplicate Coversheet Behavior option from the drop-down list. Click here for more information on the ScanLater Duplicate Coversheet Behavior option.


7. Format when Auto-Generated: “Format when Auto-Generated” setting controls this Document Type’s output format of TIFF File Types that are processed through PaperSave Scan for ScanLater/Workflow as well as for files processed through Drop Points for Workflow and/or through the ScanLater Watch Folder or Queue Scan Location, processed by the PaperSave DropPoint Processing Service. Default value for this field is "Searchable PDF".


Any change made here will only affect new files being processed, and will not change the existing Documents. A change in this setting will not take place until:


· The Document Type has been Updated and,
· The PaperSave DropPoint Processing Service has been restarted.


While adding documents using ScanLater from Add Document Form (Windows and Web), Output Settings value selected from here will be considered. While adding documents using ScanLater from PaperSave Scan (PaperSave Capture), value selected from Output Setting drop down under Page Separations grid will override the Output Settings value set at Document Type level.


8. Enable Versioning: On selecting this checkbox, Version Control group will be enabled in PaperSave User Interfaces (wherever applicable) and you should see a new group "Version Control" in the ribbon. This group will have options like; Check-in, Check-Out, Undo Check-Out and Show History.


9. Set the Security Configuration under the User Security Configuration tab.


10. Click Save to save the new Document Type and an "Update Successful" message will appear as shown below: