Add Workflow User

You can add a new Workflow User by following below mentioned steps:


1. User Name: To add an User Name, click on From Windows Security button to select the User from the list.


2. Display Name:Display Name is something which will be displayed along with the user name when you need to select Workflow User from Lookup Workflow Users Window. Type the display name of the user which you want to be displayed along with the User Name on Lookup Workflow Users Window.



By default User Name will be displayed under Display Name in the respective textbox. But you are allowed to change the display name as per your requirement.


3. Email Address:Email Address will be automatically displayed once you select user name from the User Name textbox.


4. Notification Style: There are three types of Notification Styles available in the drop down list viz. Per Item, In Group and Both.


· Per Item: You can select Per Item option, if you want item wise notifications.
· In Group: You an select In Group option, if you want group wise notifications.
· Both: You can select Both option, if you want both item wise and group wise notifications.


5. Tag: As the name suggests, Tag is something which can be used to tag a particular user in a group. Here you can enter a value as per your choice in the available textbox and include the Workflow User in a particular group. Multiple users can be added to the same tag group. Tag field is helpful when you select Workflow User as Profile Field Type and set filters for the same. Click here to know more about Workflow User type profile field.


6. Profile Picture: You can click on Browse icon to select the Profile Picture from the desired location. Incase you want to remove the Profile Picture, you can click on Clear button to clear the selected picture.


7. Workflow Super User: You can select Workflow Super User option to set the selected user as Super User. Click here to know more about Workflow Super User.


8. Out of Office: Bottom panel of the screen displays details that can be recorded for Out of Office for the selected Workflow User. Click here to know more about Out of Office.


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