Add Documents

Documents contain vital information that drive our business operations. They come to us in many forms: Paper and electronic. We also create documents through Microsoft Office, Outlook and our ERP / CRM solutions such as AP Checks, PO Forms, Delivery tickets, Bill of Landings and the list goes on.


PaperSave delivers the flexibility of being able to capture documents through our 9 capture methods allowing you to work the way that you do to become more efficient while giving you the peace of mind by having a Paperless Office protected from theft, fraud and disasters!


Following table talks about different methods of capturing the documents to PaperSave. To view detailed steps for each method, click on respective method:


Scanned Images


Scan Documents directly to records right from the desktop. One click!


Scan documents in stacks and let PaperSave do the work. PaperSave will read the ScanLater barcode and automatically match the physical document to the corresponding record or transaction.

Electronic Documents

Attach a Document

Browser out to your computer or a network folder to grab a copy of a document.

Drag & Drop

"Grab" a document from Outlook, File Manager, Desktop, etc. and Drop it into PaperSave or the Workflow to automatically associate with the record or transaction.


While adding documents to PaperSave using any of the above methods, please make sure to add only those file formats that are supported by PaperSave. List of Supported File Formats by PaperSave are available here. List of NOT Supported File Formats by PaperSave are available here. We also support add/show of password protected PDF files within PaperSave.



To enable you to add documents with special characters the configuration value "EnableSpecialCharacterReplacement" should be set to True or False. Click here to know more about Configuration section. If the value is set to True, PaperSave will convert special characters to normal characters and if the value is set to False, the characters will not get converted to normal characters. Following are the special characters supported by PaperSave:


À à  â Ç ç É é È è Ê ê Ë ë Î î Ï ï Ô ô Ù ù Û û Ü ü Ÿ ÿ É Ö Ñ Á È Ä È