Add Retention Policy Rule

The Retention Policy allows you to add rules for archiving or purging documents to a database. It displays a Lookup text box and button (same as any Lookup field) for the profile field and transaction type XSD column. It should also allow you to type the value in the box. The text from the box should come up as a search text for the Lookup Wizard by clicking the Find button. It displays an editable drop-down combo for defining the formula item value for any of the list types’ fields other than text box or table type and picks proper values to be defined for formula and displays proper formula after editing from the formula builder.


To add a Retention Rule:


1. Click on Retention Rules under the Retention Policy tab and click Add Policy Rule. The Create Retention Policy Rule dialog box will open.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


2. Select the Document Type for the respective Host Application from the Document Type pane as shown below:


· Type the name of the Rule in the Name box.
· Select the appropriate Retention Type by clicking on Purge or Archive.
· Select whether the Rule will be based on Formula or Query by selecting the appropriate option under "Based On."
· Click here to create a Rule based on Formula or click here to create a Rule based on Query.