Attach File

PaperSave gives you the ability to browse out to your computer or a network folder to grab a copy of a document and add it to PaperSave. Please follow the below steps to add document to PaperSave using Attach File.


1. Open PaperSave Add Document user interface from any Host Application (here, Dynamics GP).


2. Click on Attach File button available in the ribbon.


attach file-1.zoom65
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3. Open dialog box will open and you need to browse the desired folder and select the document that needs to be added to PaperSave and click on Open button.


Attach File-2


4. Selected document gets added to PaperSave as displayed below. You can view the document in the Document Display Area in the middle panel of the window. If the selected document is Searchable PDF, then PaperSave gives you the ability to select and copy the text using ctrl+c and paste it. You can record the Profile Field values under Document Profile pane on the right side of the window. You will be able to view Submit to Workflow group in the toolbar (if Workflow exists for the selected Transaction Type). Select the Drop Point/ Workflow Queue from the drop-down list. Thereafter if you wish to add another document then click Save and New button or else click Save and Exit button to save the current document and exit the window. To know about other options available in the ribbon, click here.


add new papersave doc.zoom65
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