Change Workflow Activity

ChangeWorkflowActivity can be used to move the Workflow Item from one activity to another.


To use ChangeWorkflowActivity you need to follow below mentioned steps:


1. To create a Step Activity drag an appropriate activity into the design area, then drag and drop the ChangeWorkflowActivity from Toolbox under an event after which you want ChangeWorkflowActivity as shown in below displayed screen.


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2. The Properties of ChangeWorkflowActivity will be displayed as below. You need to enter the values of various attributes under Property panel.


Name: Provide a name for the activity in this text box.

Description: Provide the description of the activity in this box.

Enabled: Select True/False from the drop-down list to Enable/Disable this activity.


3. You need to set TargetOwner by clicking on bind icon. As you click on bind icon, Set target Owner Screen will open. Click here to get more details on Target Owner.



It is mandatory to set TargetOwner property for a specific step or else you will not be allowed to compile/publish the Workflows. However, it is not required to set the Target Owner for the step if the Target Step is the Completed Step of the Workflow.


4. Thereafter to set TargetWorkflow, click on bind icon.


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Lookup Existing Workflows window will open. You will be able to view the list of published Workflows. You need to select the desired Workflow from the list and click on Select option. As you select Workflow from the Lookup Workflow list, it will be displayed under property panel of TargetWorkflow. Thereafter you need to select TargetWorkflowStep from the drop down list.


lookup existing workflows.zoom85
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