Configuration section allows you to configure the modules for which the audit log should be enabled and also the Groups/Users who can view the Audit Log data for the selected modules. PaperSave Application URL will be automatically configured by PaperSave and you will not be able to modify it.


1. Group/Users who can view the audit log data can be selected using below mentioned 2 options:


· From Workflow User: This option allows you to select the users that are added to PaperSave Workflow Users. As you will click on From Workflow User button, Lookup Workflow Users window will open. You can select multiple users by checking the checkbox and click on OK button.


· From Windows Security: This option allows you to select the users using Windows Security.


Moreover Group/Users that has been selected using either of the two options will be able to view the Audit Log Data from below mentioned windows:


ü PaperSave Workflow
ü Workflow Entry Viewer
ü Workflow Item Review
ü Auto Entry
ü Document Display
ü Multi Document Display


2. Thereafter you need to select the audit modules for which you want to generate audit log. You can check the modules manually one by one or else you can click on Check All option to select all the modules in a single click. Then click on Update button to update the selected audit modules.



Audit Log will be generated only for those modules which are configured by clicking Update button based on your selection. However, Audit Log will be automatically generated for below mentioned modules as and when the respective action is performed by the user irrespective of whether Audit Log is configured or not. Moreover, there is no way for the user to configure the below mentioned Modules.


· Delete Field with Associated Data
· Delete Workflow Field with Associated Data
· Delete Workflow with Documents
· Delete Document Type with Documents
· Delete Transaction Type with Documents
· Delete Module with Documents
· Delete Host Application with Documents


3. You can click on Update option to update the selected modules of Audit Log. Reset Option will allow you to reset the all the selected modules of Audit Log. Check All option will allow you to select all the modules in a single click. Uncheck option will allows you to unselect all the selected modules in a single click.


4. Purge on export audit log: If this option is selected then whenever the Audit Log is exported at that time the log will be removed from the Audit Detail section and backup of that log would be generated as per the specified time period at the specified location.


5. Backup audit log period: Here you are allowed to select the time period for audit log backup. You will be able to view below mentioned 3 options to set the audit log backup period while you expand the drop-down list:


· Per Day
· Per Month
· Per Year


6. The audit log backup which is generated at the specified time period will be saved in .pslog format at the default backup location mentioned in the respective textbox. You can click on Browse icon to choose another location as per your requirement.



For PaperSaveCloudTM, you will not be able to view this field, as there is no way to change the Audit Log backup location on Cloud. By default Audit Log Backup will be stored at the Tenant's location. For example, PaperSave Tenant's Name is Tenant1. Then, Audit Log backup location will be as:

"..\Tenant1\Audit Log Backup".


7. Help option:


· About: Clicking on About will display a dialog box containing information, such as Product Name, Version, Build No., Copyright, Company Name, PaperSave Service URL and a brief description about the product.
· PaperSave User Guide: Clicking on PaperSave Help will display the User Guide of the PaperSave application.
· Email Customer Support: Clicking on Email Customer Support will open Microsoft Outlook window with PaperSave Customer Support email address under To as below. You can write your query in the email and send it to our Customer Support.
· PaperSave Customer Portal: Clicking on this option will open PaperSave Customer Portal.
· Knowledge Base:Clicking on Knowledge Base option will open PaperSave Customer Portal page and you have the ability to view PaperSave Knowledge base articles.


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