Custom Set State Activity

This activity is used to change an Item’s State from one State to another. You can set a Variable Target State in this format: Profile[“Invoice Amount”] (this could be either a profile value or a global value). This might be set to trigger after an event, such as a delay in an Item sitting in the system with no action.


To use the CustomSetStateActivity you need to set the following Properties:


1. To create a State Activity drag an appropriate activity into the design area, then drag and drop the CustomSetStateActivity under an event after which you want the CustomSetStateActivity as shown below:


customset state activity.zoom70

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2. The Properties of the CustomSetStateActivity will appear as shown below:


cust set prop.zoom70
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3. Enter the details for the various attributes of the Properties.


Name: Provide a name for the activity in this text box.
Description: Provide the description of the activity in this box.
Enabled: Select True/False from the drop-down list to Enable/Disable this activity.




DefaultTargetState: Select the default target state from the drop-down list.
VariableTargetState: Click on bind. The Bind 'VariableTargetState' to an activity's property dialog box will open. Select the appropriate Property with which the 'VariableTargetState' is to be bound as shown below:


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