Delete Document Type

To delete an existing Document Type:


1. Select the Document Type to be deleted from the Document Type grid as shown below:



Click on image to view magnify and shrink print screen.


2. Now click Delete on the toolbar and you will be asked to confirm the deletion of the Document Type as shown below:




3. However, in case if the Transaction Type that you are trying to delete, has Documents related to it, then system will prompt below displayed window and you need to provide your PaperSave Settings Password and also the reason for deleting the selected Transaction Type. Then click Confirm Delete button to perform the action.



Log of this action would be automatically generated in Audit Log irrespective of whether Audit Log Configuration is enabled or disabled. Moreover, there is no way for the user to configure Module for this action from Configuration window.


4. Click Yes. An "Update Successful" message will appear as shown below:




5. Click OK.