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Integrating PaperSave with Payment Batch

Business Case:


Dynamics GP Users will now have an ability to view the check details in ADVANCE even before printing and making the payment(s) in batch for the respective Invoice(s). In addition, PaperSave also gives you an ability to add these payment check(s) as Workflow Item within PaperSave and send the item for approval (if required).


The purpose of coming up with this functionality is to eliminate the manual Workflow process where user first prints the check then manually associates the invoices to the checks and sends the batch of checks and invoices to the responsible person for verification (Approve/Reject). In this manual Workflow process, it is very challenging to track who approved which payments and when. With this exciting feature of PaperSave, we create Workflow Item for each Payment which can be approved or rejected by the responsible Workflow User electronically, based on the Workflow Design. The beauty of this feature is, you have an ability to route the check details for approval to various level even before printing the checks.


With this additional functionality, PaperSave gives the users an ability to create Workflow Items while processing Check Printing in batch from Dynamics GP. The generated Workflow Items will be associated with the payments in batch and the users will have an ability to perform Show Associated Documents to view the associated documents to that Payment.




Let's take an example, Company A placed a purchase order of a Printer to Company B. Company B ships the Printer and its invoice. Company A needs to make the payment to Company B. Here, PaperSave comes into the role when the user of Company A is in process of printing the check. Please refer the following steps.


1. You can view two PaperSave options viz; PS-Send Checks out for Approval, PS-Show Checks Documentation and PS-See Check Documents under Additional Menu of Print Payables Checks Window as displayed below.


· PS-Send Checks out for Approval: This option allows user to send the checks out for Approval Process and creates a Workflow Item within PaperSave. In addition, this check details will be associated with the Payment record within Dynamics GP.


· PS-Show Checks Documentation: This option allows user to view all the associated documents for which the Payment has to be done.


· PS-See Check Documents: This option allows user to view only the Payment related documents for the check.


Click on PS-Send Checks out for Approval option to add the check to PaperSave.


Payment Batch-2


2. PaperSave Add Document to Workflow prompt opens. Choose how you want to add the items to the Workflow and click on Next button.



We assume that a published PaperSave Workflow and or PaperSave Drop Point for Payments Transaction Type already exists. A new PaperSave Workflow and or a PaperSave Drop Point can be created from PaperSave Settings User Interface.


Payment Batch-3


3. Select the Workflow, Workflow Step and the Owner and click on Add to Workflow button.


Payment Batch-4


4. Once the check details is added to PaperSave Workflow, you can view the check details and the associated documents by clicking on PS-Show Checks Documentation button available on Print Payables Checks window. You will be directed to PaperSave Multiple Document Explorer interface if multiple documents exists for the Payment cycle as displayed below. However, if only Check Payment document exists then you will be directed to Document Display Interface.


Within Multiple Document Explorer window, you would be able to view all the documents associated with the Payment Cycle in case you have associated the relevant documents with Vendor, PO, Shipment, Invoice using PaperSave during the Purchase process.


payment batch-5.zoom65
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5. You have the ability to open the documents in the Document Display interface as displayed below. In the generated Check Details Document, you can also view the Voucher details along with the link to navigate to the document if associated with that voucher.


payment batch-6.zoom65
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6. Now, open PaperSave Web Workflow Interface and filter the Workflow for which you added the documents in the previous steps. You will be able to view the Workflow Item with the check details as displayed below. Responsible users can approve/reject the Workflow Item and route the Workflow Item further.


payment batch-7.zoom65
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7. Clicking on PS-See Check Documents option will open the Multiple Document Explorer Interface as displayed below showing the list of Payment related documents. To view the Document, select the document and click on Open Selected option available in the ribbon.


payment batch-8.zoom65
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8. You can view Document Display Window opens.You can view the Check details for which the Payment has to be done as displayed below.


payment batch-14.zoom65
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