Load Workflow From File

You can use Load Workflow From File functionality to load a saved workflow from your system.



This action will override the existing workflow opened in the design section of the workflow.


To load the Workflow from a file follow the below given steps:


1. Click Workflows under the Workflows tab in the PaperSave Settings.


2. Select the Workflow in which you want to load the saved workflow.


3. Click Edit Workflow on the toolbar.


4. Click Design Workflow on the toolbar.


5. Now click Load Workflow From File available on the toolbar.


6. The Open dialog box will appear, select the Workflow to be loaded and click Open.



While Loading a Workflow from file, you need to make sure that you only import Workflow 2.0 design into Workflow 2.0. PaperSave does not support importing a workflow 1.0 design into Workflow 2.0 and vice versa.