Move to Queue Activity

MoveToQueueActivity can be used to move the Workflow Item to another Queue from the Workflow.


To use MoveToQueueActivity you need to set the following Properties:


1. To create a State Activity drag an appropriate activity into the design area, then drag and drop the MoveToQueueActivity under an event after which you want MoveToQueueActivity as shown below:


move to queue activity.zoom70

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2. The Properties of MoveToQueueActivity will appear as shown below.


move to queue prop.zoom85
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3. Click on Ellipses icon for Target Queue to open Lookup Existing Queues window as displayed below. Select the next target queue from the list and click on Select button. After the Queue is selected from the Lookup window, the drop-down list of the TargetState will display the states of the selected queue.



The list will show all the available queues in the database.
You can also search the name of the Queue in the Lookup: Existing Queues window.
The Lookup: Existing Queues window also displays the Queues of unpublished Workflows.        


lookup existing queue.zoom85
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4. Enter the details for the various attributes of the Properties.


Name: Provide a name for the activity in this text box.

Description: Provide the description of the activity in this box.

Enabled: Select True/False from the drop-down list to Enable/Disable this activity.