Other Documents

The Other Documents feature allows you to add and view documents that are not related to your Host Application. These Non-Host Applications can be defined from the Host Applications section available in PaperSave Settings Application.


You can Add or View non-host documents from Other Documents option available in the PaperSave Options Menu.


You need to follow below given steps to add/view non-host documents using Other Documents functionality:


1. Open Host Application Web Application and select record for appropriate Transaction Type.


2. You will be able to view PaperSave Options under Additional Menu. Clicking PaperSave Options will open below displayed window. Select Other Documents option from the menu.


GP Web Client-11


3. As you will select Other Documents, Document Explorer window will open as displayed below. You can add/view documents and also perform various actions using Document Explorer window. Click here to know more about Document Explorer window.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink