Microsoft Outlook Integration

PaperSave allows you to capture email and attachments, and seamlessly enter them into a Workflow or associate with an existing record in the system. This is all from a click of your tool bar within Outlook.


After PaperSave's integration with Microsoft Outlook, you will have the ability to add document as well as attachment from a Microsoft Outlook very easily. You will be able to view Add Document and Add Attachment option under Home toolbar as displayed below:


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


An attachment in Outlook e-mail can also be posted to PaperSave. The file attached in the email sent to you by the sender can be posted to PaperSave by using Add Attachment button. In addition, You are also allowed to add Outlook Email along with Attachment to PaperSave using Add Document button.


Refer below topics to get the detailed steps of adding documents using Add Document and Add Attachment button.


Add an Outlook Email to PaperSave


Add an Outlook Attachment to PaperSave