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PaperSave Cross Domain Support

Cross Domain (single sign on) Support means ability to access data/application between two or more security differing domains.


When you try to access PaperSave Application from a domain which is a different domain on which PaperSave is installed, then there is a facility available to access PaperSave Application using Cross Domain Support.


The first and foremost step is to run the PaperSave Application Server URL on your machine by entering the URL in the address bar of Internet Explorer window and click on Go icon. As you run the URL, PaperSave Application System Start Page will open as displayed below. You can click on respective Standalone Application to install them on your machine. Below are the steps to install PaperSave Settings:


1. Click on PaperSave Settings Application.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


2. Application Install window will open. Here you need to click on Install button to start the installation.


PaperSave Cross Domain Support-2


3. You need to wait till the installation gets completed.


PaperSave Cross Domain Support-3


4. Once the installation gets completed, Login to use PaperSave window will open. Here you need to enter User Name and Password in the respective textbox. Moreover, you can select Remember my credentials option, if you want system to remember the credentials. Click on Login button to login.



If Remember my credentials option is selected then Login to use PaperSave window will not open in future unless and until you reset the credentials from PaperSave Settings screen. Refer point no. 7 to know how to reset the credentials.


PaperSave Cross Domain Support-4


5. PaperSave Settings Login window will open. Enter the password in the available textbox and click on Login button.


PaperSave Cross Domain Support-5


6. PaperSave Settings Screen will open. You are allowed to perform necessary actions under different sections.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


7. There is an another facility available to reset the credentials that are used for PaperSave Login. You need to click on PaperSave icon as highlighted in below screen. There you will be able to view list of options. To reset the credential, select Reset Credentials option.


PaperSave Cross Domain Support-7


8. Now in future when you try to open PaperSave Settings window, Login to use PaperSave window will open as displayed below. Here you need to enter the credentials as per your requirement.


PaperSave Cross Domain Support-8


This is how you can install PaperSave Settings and in the similar way you can install other two Standalone Applications viz. PaperSave Workflow and PaperSave Scan.