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PaperSave Web Client

We created a full-fledged, browser based Web Client user interface using the latest HTML 5 technologies. A matching browser based user interface exists for almost all of PaperSave’s existing Microsoft Windows based forms and windows with the exception of the following:

· PaperSave Settings (previously known as the PaperSave Management Console)
· PaperSave Scan (previously known as PaperSave Capture)


There is very little difference in the functionalities and features between the Windows based and browser based user interfaces of PaperSave. Most of what works in Windows, works the same or with little difference in the Web Client. Depending on the user interface, there is anywhere between a 5% to 10% difference between the Windows and Web Client version of that interface. You can find the document describing those differences here.


The PaperSave Web Client is installed by default for intranet (internal) only use as part of the standard PaperSave Application Server installation process. Users also have the ability to securely expose the Web Client externally so it is accessible from anywhere on the public internet.


Besides the above mentioned functionalities, PaperSave also gives you the ability to create a customized toolbar that could contain a set of commands that are independent of the tab on the Ribbon that is currently displayed. You can add or remove the buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar. Click here to know more. PaperSave also gives you the ability to view the current logged-in User Name on the top right corner of PaperSave Web Interfaces.


Getting started with PaperSave Web Client



Please refer Internet Explorer Settings for PaperSaveCloudTM and PaperSave On-Premise topic and do the required settings on all the client workstations to run PaperSave smoothly.


As you will navigate further, you will come across below mentioned topics:


Add Documents


View Documents


Search Documents


PaperSave Web Workflow


SmartList - Query Options


PaperSave Options



In this User Guide, we have taken reference of Host Application Host Application to describe all the topics.