Retention Policy

The PaperSave document Retention Policy is a feature that allows you to electronically configure retention policies that determine when documents are archived or purged. Archiving documents will move the document content over to a secondary archive database. The archive database will be a separate SQL database from the primary PaperSave SQL database, which can be hosted on any SQL server in your environment. As long as the database is attached to an SQL server that is online, the document content stored within it will be accessible to the end users. If the database is taken offline for any reason, the documents will not be available, and if the end users attempt to view a document stored within that database they will receive a status message letting them know that the archive database is offline. Purging documents will temporarily take the documents offline, and put them in a “Purged Documents” area of the PaperSave Settings, much like the behavior of the Recycle Bin. From the Purged Documents, a PaperSave administrator can make the final decision to either restore the document, or permanently delete the document. PaperSave will not automatically delete any content.


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If you are using PaperSave on Cloud then you will not be able to view Archive Databases section within PaperSave Settings. Moreover, there is no way to Archive Database for PaperSaveCloudTM.


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