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ScanLater Duplicate Coversheet Behavior Options

By default, the setting for the ScanLater Duplicate Coversheet Behavior is to "Reject." As a best practice, it is recommended that you have SMTP Email Notifications enabled, which will send an email about the error. Launch the PaperSave Settings, then under the Records Management section select the Document Type and one of the following options:


1. Append: Adds content pages of the newly scanned document to the end of the previously scanned document using the same ScanLater coversheet Document ID.


2. Create New: Creates a new document with the same previously processed ScanLater coversheet Document ID.


3. Reject: PaperSave BatchScanning Service will reject the document and send an Email Notification.


4. Replace: The content pages of the same processed ScanLater coversheet document will be replaced with the new ScanLater coversheet content pages.


Steps to change ScanLater Duplication Coversheet Behavior:


Behavior can be changed at the Document Type level. Once you have changed the setting for the Document Type, then any future scans will use the new ScanLater Coversheet Behavior option chosen.