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Scanner Recommendation

Scanning into the Add Document window for ScanNow and or PaperSave Scan for ScanLater/ScanFirst into Workflow does require a TWAIN compatible scanner which is connected to a computer that is running the Add Document window and or PaperSave Scan.


Please remember that using PaperSave Scan is the best and recommended way to scan into ScanLater and ScanFirst / Workflow as it allows for quality checks and scan stack manipulation prior to processing. We HIGHLY recommend the use of a Fujitsu Scanner with Image Processing Software such as Kofax VRS or PaperStream IP (both bundled with the Fujitsu free of cost) for maximum image quality at Black and White + 300 DPI (the recommended scanning setting for use with PaperSave).


However, any scanner (including network scanners such as the Fujitsu ScanSnap N1800) can theoretically be used with PaperSave for the purposes of scanning in ScanLater and ScanFirst/ Workflow stacks as long as that scanner can scan the stack as a Multi-Page TIFF file and direct the stack to a network file folder. That is because the DropPoint Processing Service has the ability to watch a network file folder for incoming ScanLater and ScanFirst/Workflow stacks.


While color, grayscale and black and white Multi-page tiff files are all supported by the DropPoint Processing service (in 5.2 Only. Prior to 5.2 we only supported Black & White Multi-page TIFFs), it is HIGHLY recommended that customers only use Black and White (1 Bit Per Pixel) Multi-page TIFFs that are 300 DPI (dots per inch). This will ensure maximum barcode reading reliability and minimize the overhead required by the DropPoint Processing Service to process the files.


Note: Users can also opt for Higher DPI Settings but that will limit the maximum number of pages that can be scanned when TWAIN Scanner is set to TRUE. In such cases, where DPI is set to either 400, 500, 600, or 800 with COLOR settings be either "Color" or "Gray Scale" - the scanner will function totally based on user's system memory(RAM).


The maximum pages can be calculated by dividing total available memory with the total number of pages.


For example, finding max page = 1000MB(Total available memory)/100(number of pages) i.e.;10.

Therefore, users running low on system memory(RAM) are advised to go with the recommended scanning settings.


Recommended USB (local) Scanners:

ü Fujitsu fi-6 series TWAIN-Compliant USB Scanner
ü Fujitsu fi-7 series TWAIN-Compliant USB Scanner


If the scanner chosen is not from our recommended list of UBS scanners, then the scanner must be TWAIN-Compliant in order to be used within for ScanNow™ or PaperSave Scan (Capture) feature(s).