Search Documents

PaperSave offers several search and retrieval features that make your search time faster and easier whether you need a single document or a group of documents. Harness the power of PaperSave’s comprehensive search features to pull groups of documents through structured and unstructured search methods by similar characteristics such as key words, transaction information, user defined meta-data and dates. All these benefits without having to involve your IT department when you need information.


The PaperSave Document Search window allows you to search documents added to PaperSave using Simple Search and Advanced Search. Simple Search Allows you to search the documents based on Content, Record Information and or, Document Profile. Where as, Advanced Search allows you to search documents for a specific Module, Transaction Type and Document Type by selecting various properties of the selected Module, Transaction Type and Document Type. And also allows you to choose various operators and even group more than one search criteria.


To search documents using PaperSave Web Client, open Host Application Web Application, select record for the appropriate Transaction Type. You will be able to view Additional Menu in the toolbar. Expand Additional drop-down list and click PaperSave Options. Below displayed window will open. You should see Search Documents option. Click Search Documents option to get directed to PaperSave Search window.


GP Web Client-11