Sequence Activity

The SequenceActivity activity provides a simple way to link multiple activities together for sequential execution. The SequenceActivity activity executes its child activities in sequence, completing one activity before moving on to the next, and so on, until the completion of the last child activity.


Let us understand this activity using  below example:


1. Drag and Drop SequenceActivity within an Event Activity, for example: CustomEventActivity as below:


sequence activity-1.zoom75
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2. Now, drag and drop WhileActivity within SequenceActivity as displayed below:


sequence activity-2.zoom75
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3. Now, within a WhileActivity, you have the ability to drag multiple event activity as per the requirement. For example, let us drag and drop sendEmailActivity as displayed below.


You can write the condition for WhileActivity in a manner in which you would like the events to be executed.


sequence activity-3.zoom80
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