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Shortcut Keys

PaperSave gives you the ability to use Keyboard Shortcut Keys from various PaperSave Windows based Applications. Navigate to each topic listed below to view the list of shortcuts that can be used from respective PaperSave User Interfaces.


1. Document Display

2. PaperSave Workflow

3. Workflow Entry Viewer

4. Workflow Item Review

5. PaperSave Drop Points

6. Host Record Window



Below mentioned shortcut keys can be used in all the above mentioned windows of PaperSave if the document type is PDF and even while the Lookup Window is opened:

ü Up, Down, Left and Right Arrow keys to move the document in the respective direction.
ü Page Up and Page Down can be used to scroll the document in the respective direction.
ü Ctrl+ and Ctrl- can be used for Zooming In and Zooming Out the document respectively.