Simple Search

The Simple Search tab is used to search using the keywords and other options related to the Record Information, Document Profile, and Content to perform a search. You can perform a search using the Content option for SharePoint only and you can also select the appropriate option for the number of results being displayed per site. With any of the search options selected below, it would also perform the search on Document Type name.


To search using Simple Search option, you need to follow below given steps:


1. Select Simple Search tab. Enter the keyword in the Search textbox. To know more on different search patterns, click here.


2. Description of Options is mentioned below:


· Record Information: You can check Record Information checkbox if you wish to search the documents based on Record Information.


· Document Profile: You can check Document Profile checkbox, if you wish to search the documents based on Document Profile Fields.


· Content: You can select Content checkbox if you want to search documents based on content stored within PaperSave Database for different MIME types like like .pdf, .tif or .tiff, .html and all the MS-Office type documents for .doc, .docx, .xls, .xlsx, .ppt, .pptx and .msg using Full Text Search and iFilters. In addition to Content Search, PaperSave also highlights the content (only for searchable PDF's) in the document that is used as a keyword to search the document. To know more on Content search, click here. Click here to get the installation & configuration steps for Full Text Search and iFilters.



· PaperSave does not support searching documents from SharePoint. So documents whose contents are stored on SharePoint can not be searched from Search window.
· You should see an error message, if incase you have used restricted special characters in your search. Click here to get the list of restricted special characters that cannot be used without quotes while searching content stored in PaperSave Database using Full Text Search and iFilters.


· Include External Document Types: You can check Include External Document Types checkbox if you wish to include external documents added to a Non-Host Application in your search.


3. Then click Go to execute your search. Search results will be displayed in the result area as displayed below.


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