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Solutions Offered by PaperSave

PaperSave offers following solutions in order to streamline your businesses:


Document Management
Document Capture Methods
Document Search Features


Electronic Workflow


Transaction Automation


Document Management:


Document Management eliminates 20% to 30% of time spent filing, searching & retrieving documents. An all-in-one document management software PaperSave, acts as a central repository for all documents (paper or digital), storing them in easy-to-access electronic formats. PaperSave reduces the need for manual data entry, removes multiple steps from document management processes and effectively saves businesses time and money. PaperSave can collect documents from anywhere, ensuring that it meets every business’s needs. PaperSave document management software integrates with everything from ERP and CRM; as well as Microsoft solutions such as Outlook and Office.


Document Capture Methods:


PaperSave offers so many ways to capture the documents, whether you are capturing documents from a desktop scanner, network copier/scanner, fax machine, email or Microsoft Office®, PaperSave’s Electronic Document Imaging allows you to capture documents based on your preference, process and hardware available. The numerous acquisition methods are listed below. For more information in Document Capture Methods, refer this section.


Scanned Images


Forms ReCapture


Electronic Documents


Outlook Integration
Microsoft Office Integration
Drag and Drop
File Management
Attach a Document
PaperSave Printer


Document Search Features:


PaperSave offers powerful ways to search and retrieve a document added to PaperSave.


Content Search (Full Text Search): Allows you to search through information on the document. You don't have to rely on just metadata for search and retrieval!


Unstructured Search: Internet search engines such as “Google” or “Bing” search webpages for “key words” or “values”. PaperSave performs similar unstructured searches on Record Values (metadata), Document Profile Fields (user defined metadata) and the Content* of the document.


Structured Search: PaperSave makes even advanced queries of documents simple. Easily create Structured Queries based on Record Information, Profile Information (user defined metadata) and Content without having any technical skills. Documents results can then be further filtered using Boolean Logic, sorted, exported, email or printed from your desktop.




Cloud computing has helped to dramatically improve spend management, IT continuity, document protection and more. PaperSaveCloud can help you enjoy these benefits in a relatively short period of time with anytime, anywhere access to the same great features on the on-premises version. PaperSaveCloudTM is packed with same powerful features and interfaces found in the on-premises version. As a cloud based solution, users benefit from lower transaction costs and lower total cost of ownership because there are no servers or licensing requirements required for the deployment. Available anywhere and anytime, PaperSaveCloud makes it easy for employees to work away from the office while accessing information securely.



PaperSaveCloudTM Users can refer this section to have the information about PaperSaveCloud logging.


Electronic Workflow:


PaperSave’s Electronic Workflow Solution automate workflows and streamlines operations by reducing the need to manage traditional paper-based processes. This ensures that all mission-critical information, documents and transactional data are automatically collected and stored.


Transaction Automation:


PaperSave allows businesses and associations to streamline data entry and collection from start to finish, making PaperSave ideal for the most demanding high-volume, high-complexity IT environments that require secure management of process supporting documents. PaperSave’s OCR Engine learns how to collect data from business documents, ensuring that new invoice formats are always supported.