State Activity

The main component in a state machine workflow is the StateActivity activity. As events are captured at various points in a state machine workflow, different states are entered to handle the tasks associated with the events. During the workflow lifetime, the workflow may leave and enter several different states. These states connect to each other by using the SetStateActivity activity.


When you insert a new StateActivity activity into a workflow, you can add an EventDrivenActivity activity, a StateInitializationActivity activity, a StateFinalizationActivity activity, or additional StateActivity instances as children. Use the EventDrivenActivity activity when a StateActivity activity relies on an external event to occur before its child activities can execute.


Created State Activity: A State Activity containing an Event-Driven Activity with a queue. It contains "Create Event" and "Set State After." The Properties pane includes a Target State to identify the State you want the item to go to upon the Create Event. (Right-clicking on a state in the Properties pane and clicking on Set as Initial State will set the Initial State of the Workflow.)


Review State Activity: Pre-set to contain Approve and Reject Event-Driven Activities.


Data Entry State Activity: Pre-set with Approve, Reject, and Associate activities.