Options Tab

Below mentioned Groups are available under Options tab:


ü Set Defaults
ü Edit Document
ü Settings
ü Template


Description of all the groups is mentioned below:


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


1. Set Defaults:


Default Document Type: You can select the appropriate Document Type from the drop-down list to set the selected Document Type as default.


9. Set Defaults


2. Edit Document:


· Rotate Left: This option will rotate the current page counter clockwise by 90 degrees.


· Rotate Right: This option will rotate the current page clockwise by 90 degrees.


· Mirror: This option will produce the mirror image of the selected page.


· Delete Page: This option will delete the selected page(s) from the document.



Delete Page option will disappear for Microsoft Office documents.


15. Edit Document


3. Settings:


· Show Save Confirmation: Selecting this option will show a confirmation message when the Save and Exit or the Save and New option is clicked on the Add New Document window as displayed below:


16. Show Save Confirmation


· Save & Exit On Acquisition: Selecting this option will perform the "Save and Exit" operation automatically when a document is acquired using ScanNow, ScanLater, or Attach File.


· Ask me to add again: Selecting this option will prompt you to add a document, when you click Save after selecting the appropriate record from the Host Application.


· ScanNow Settings: Clicking this option will open the ScanNow Settings dialog box. Click here to get more details.


· Copy Link: This option will allow you to copy the URL of the current window. Main purpose of this option is to facilitate you to copy the URL and save it at your desired location. In future, whenever you wish to add the document to the same record, you can browse that particular URL and directly add the documents without opening the Host Application.



· For the browser like IE where it can directly copy the text to the clipboard, it would copy the text without prompting any message. But incase of other browsers where it does not support to copy to clipboard directly it would show a dialog to copy the text to manually copy to clip board.
· You should see a message window when you try to add document directly browsing the Add Document URL. Clicking OK will close the window and the document would be added to the respective record.



If the window is not a full screen, you may not be able to see the text associated with the icons, such as the icons on the far right.




4. Template:


· Add Current Profile As Template: This option is used to add the Document Type profile fields along with its values as a template. You can create a number of templates. There are two types of templates:


1. Global Template is a template visible to all users and

2. Local Template is visible for those who create the template


· Edit User Templates: This option is used to Add/Edit/Delete the templates created by you using the PaperSave Workflow.