Understanding Ribbon

Options available under various groups are described below.


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Reports Group:


1. Create Folder: This option allows creating new folder and manage other customized reports by importing them in this folder.


2. Open: This option allows opening the selected report in Report Viewer interface.


3. Edit: This option allows editing the report's name and description.


4. Edit Report: This option allows editing the report content.


5. UnPublish: This option allows unpublishing the published report. Once the report is unpublished, it will not be displayed on PaperSave Start.aspx page.


6. Delete: This option allows deleting the selected report.


7. Refresh: This option allows refreshing the current user interface.


8. Import: This option allows importing other reports and manage them in a separate folder.


9. Up: This option allows moving one level up if multiple levels exists.


10. Show/Hide Sub Reports: This option allows viewing/hiding the sub reports or the child reports that exists for the deployed parent reports. Thereafter, you have the ability to set the security on child reports as well and publish the reports if required.


11. Add User: This option allows adding new user required for defining role-based security.


12. Delete User: This option allows deleting the selected user.


Server Option:


Redeploy: This option allows redeploying all the reports again. Even on redeployment of reports, you will asked to enter your SQL credentials like User Name and Password.