PaperSave's Electronic Workflow Solution allows you to automate your Workflow and streamline your operations by eliminating the costs and time associated with managing a traditional paper based process.


PaperSave's Electronic Workflow system allows Approvers to designate General Ledger account numbers and other key information required for processing the transaction. PaperSave provides instant access to the Chart of Accounts for GL distribution and validation. By allowing the user to gather information on the document profile, PaperSave reduces time wasted searching for missing information, and ensures all information required by your process is gathered during the approval phase. PaperSave's Electronic Workflow system alerts reduce work backlogs by notifying approvers when there are documents for their approval. Hyperlinks contained in the email allow users to approve documents(s) directly.


Key Features Include:


· Ensure consistency of process
· Reduce Procurement to Pay cycle
· Manage a multi-tiered process based on your business rules
· Monitor all documents throughout entire approval process across locations
· Fewer Lost Invoices
· Fewer internal and external inquiries
· Reduces work backlogs by notifying users when there are document requiring their approval
· Tracks audit history of the each document through the process
· Approve documents on mobile devices


Workflows are the systematic flow in which documents are processed. This flow differs from organization to organization and from process to process. PaperSave provides utilities to create Workflows to follow your Business Process requirements. Workflow features within PaperSave were first introduced in PaperSave 5.0. Since then customers have taken advantage of this robust and powerful feature to create Workflows that have helped to streamline and enrich document driven processes.


With PaperSave 5.2, this Workflow system has been dubbed Workflow 1.0 and PaperSave introduces Workflow 2.0, a complete overhaul to Workflow revamping its features, introducing new capabilities, and solving common design problems and limitations that exists in Workflow 1.0.


Customers who are updating PaperSave to 5.2 or above from prior versions of PaperSave 5 will be able to continue using Workflow 1.0 without any disruption as well as will be able to create new Workflows in Workflow 2.0. New customers that have never used PaperSave will only be able to use Workflow 2.0 and will not have any options for using Workflow 1.0.


In the coming sections for Workflow you will become familiar to the below:




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