Workflow Entry Viewer

You can associate Workflow Items with a record in a Host Application and perform various actions on these documents. It is similar to the PaperSave Web Workflow. The only difference is that, you can view those states of the Workflow Items which contain associated events.


To associate documents using PaperSave Web Client, open Host Application Web, select record for the appropriate Transaction Type. Below displayed window will open. You will be able to view Additional menu. Expand the drop-down list and you will see Workflow Entry Viewer option. Click Workflow Entry Viewer option to get directed to Workflow Entry Viewer window.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink


Workflow Entry Viewer window will open as displayed below. Description of all the sections is mentioned below:


1. Toolbar: You are allowed to perform various actions using different options available in the toolbar.


2. Document Profile: This pane displays the profile fields of the current Document Type. You can edit the Profile Field values as per the requirement.


3. Workflow Item History: This pane displays the history of the selected document. For each Event, a message will be displayed under this section.


4. Conversation Panel: This panel displays the review comments provided by the approvers while approving or rejecting the item.


5. Document Display Area: This pane displays the document or the page of the document selected from the Workflow Item Grid. If the selected document is Searchable PDF then you have the ability to select and copy the text using ctrl+c and paste it.



If the file to be displayed in Document Display Area is .doc, .ppt, .xls format (old versions of MS Office), then in that case you should only see a link of the respective document instead of the office file. You can click on the document link and view the content.


6. Thumbnails: The thumbnail page displays the page(s) of the selected item. You can rotate and delete the thumbnail page by right-clicking on it accordingly.


7. Workflow Item Grid: All the Workflow Items available for the selected Workflow/ Queue can be view in Workflow Item Grid.


8. Information bar: This pane displays the information about the selected document.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink