Workflow Fields

PaperSave 6.0 now allows user to create Workflow specific profile fields. In previous versions of PaperSave, all profile fields created stayed with the individual document, even those used solely for Workflow routing. This improvement makes it easier to create document specific profile fields and Workflow specific profile fields.


Workflow Fields work exactly as Document Type profile fields, with the exception that the field data are only visible for Workflow items specific to a Workflow. When a Workflow item is associated to a record in the host application, then the document that is created from that association does not contain the Workflow Fields. This facilitates Workflow designers to define fields that are only relevant while a document is into a Workflow.


Workflow Fields are available only for Workflow 2.0. You should see Workflow Fields under Workflows section as displayed in below window.



In addition to Profile Fields, Workflow Fields will also be available in below PaperSave Applications:

· PaperSave Workflow
· Workflow Entry Viewer
· Workflow Item Reviewer


However, once the document is associated successfully, you should only see Profile Fields, when you try to view that document in Document Display form.


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You will get familiar with below mentioned topics as you move ahead:


Adding Workflow Field


Editing Workflow Field


Deleting Workflow Field


Field Security Configuration


Field Events