PaperSave Workflow

The PaperSave Workflow is a utility you can use to view the documents in the workflow queues of a specific workflow. This utility allows you to perform various actions on the documents, like approving, rejecting, adding annotations, reproducing the documents, and much more.


Now you can drop an item into the gird area directly. You can drop single or multiple files into workflow interfaces so that it will add according to the workflow item filter settings. If the workflow item and state are selected then it will add a workflow item without asking as per queue and state and if queue and state are not available then it will ask for queue and states. You should submit workflow item rights to perform this operation.


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Understanding PaperSave Workflow User Interface


Below is the description of all the panels available in PaperSave Workflow interface:


1. Toolbar: Toolbar provides various options to perform different tasks.

2. Document Profile Pane: This pane displays the combination of Workflow Fields and Profile Fields of the selected Workflow and Document Type respectively. You can edit the Workflow Field and Profile Field values as per the requirement.

3. Workflow Review History Pane: This pane displays the history of the selected document. You are allowed to copy the Workflow Item History by selecting the text from the respective panel and copy it to the clipboard. You can copy the text either using CTRL+C or do right click and select Copy option from the context menu.

4. Document Display Area: This pane will display the document or the page of the document selected from the Workflow Item Grid. If the selected document is Searchable PDF then you have the ability to select and copy the text using ctrl+c and paste it.

5. Conversation Panel: This panel displays the review comments provided by the approvers while approving or rejecting the item.

6. Workflow Item Grid: Based on the selection made under Filter option, you should see Workflow Items as below:

· For Workflow 1.0: All the Workflow Items should be visible in the grid.
· For Workflow 2.0: All the Workflow Items should be visible in the grid except the ones whose Current Owner is not set. However, you should also see the items whose current owner is not set if those items are loaded in Workflow Entry Viewer window at that time because temporary current owner has been set for those Workflow items.

7. Paging Grid: Paging grid allows you to view the list of records in the Document Grid as per your selection. You can select the Page Size ranging from 50 to 200 or else you can view all records at once by selecting ALL from the drop-down list. You are allowed to navigate to First, Previous, Next and or Last Page based on the available no. of records by clicking on the respective icons. Right side of the Paging Strip shows you the no. of selected record out of total no. of records available in the Record Grid.



PaperSave will save the last Page Size (except ALL) set by the logged-in user and reflect the same value when the respective user opens the window next time in future.


8. Thumbnail Page:The thumbnail page displays the page(s) of a selected item. You can rotate and delete the thumbnail page by right-clicking on it accordingly.

9. Information Bar: This pane displays the information about the selected document.


Click on image to magnify/shrink
Click on image to magnify/shrink