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Workflow User Type Workflow Field

You can add Workflow User Type Workflow Field by selecting Type as Workflow User from the drop-down list. As you select Workflow User from the list, you will be able to view Set Filters button. Now click on Set Filters button to set the filters.



Incase you have not set the filters for Workflow User then you will be able to view all the workflow users in the drop-down list while processing workflow items from PaperSave Workflow, Workflow Entry Viewer, Workflow Item Review and Add New Document window.


Workflow User Profile field



Workflow User Formula Builder window will open. Here you are allowed to set the filters as per you requirement by selecting values from the drop down list.


Defining Formula:


You can define the formula by selecting the value for Search Field as "Tag". Select the appropriate Criteria from the drop-down list and Define the Value as per your requirement.


Incase, you are trying to define the formula for the field that is dependent on other Profile/Workflow Field then, you will have to write the value in below described format under Value column. You will have to replace the field_name with the Profile/Workflow Field Name based on which you want to define the formula. For example, profile.Department



Please make sure that the Profile/Workflow Field that you are using in the formula has values of Workflow User tags defined within it.








Description of all the options is mentioned below:


· Add Filter: Click on Add Filter option to add the filters for adding a new condition. Thereafter you can select the values from the drop-down list.


· Group AND: After adding all the required filters and selecting the required values, you are allowed to group the condition. Group AND option will group the selected condition into AND.


· Group OR: Group OR option will group the selected condition into OR. You are also allowed to group bunch of grouped conditions into one group by selecting them using Ctrl key.


· Clear Filters: Clear Filters option is used to clear all the filters in a single click.


· Save & Close: Save & Close option will save the condition and close the window.


· Close: Close option will close the window without saving the condition.



If Workflow User Type Workflow Field exists for a Document Type then this Workflow Field will not be automatically updated while installing PaperSave Rollup. So we highly recommend you to manually edit and update Workflow User type Field to avoid any error while processing Workflow Items.


Workflow user formula builder