Workflow History Stamp Activity

This activity allows you to create details of the Stamp annotation on a PDF Document only. You can place this activity in any location on the Workflow.


To use the WorkflowHistoryStampActivity you need to set the following Properties:


1. To create a WorkflowHistoryStampActivity drag an appropriate activity into the design area, then drop the WorkflowHistoryStampActivity under a CustomSetStateActivity after which you want WorkflowHistoryStampActivity as shown below:


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2. The Properties of WorkflowHistoryStampActivity will appear as shown below:


workflowhistory prop.zoom70
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Top: This integer value will define the annotation in the Top location of the Document.
Left: This integer value will define the annotation in the Left location of the Document.



If position is out of the Document then the annotation will be added on the Top 10 and Left 10 position.


3. Enter the details for the various attributes of the Properties.


General Text: This text will be displayed with annotations. You can use the Workflow Designer to set values. Also you can use Profile[“”], Globals[“”], and Parameters[“”] to make dynamic values on a Stamp annotation.


Last Workflow History Lines: This is an integer value which represents how many history details can be shown including the current event. History can be shown as: Event Name, Event Raised By, and Raised On.


Permanent: This Property determines whether or not Annotation is embedded in the document. If value is set to "False" then you can move annotation from one place to another. However, if value is set to "True" than the annotation is placed in a permanent location.


Stamp Type: You can set “Approved” or “Rejected” values for this. The Stamp will be added based on the respective value, i.e. "Approved" or "Rejected."


4. The Stamp annotation will show on the PaperSave Workflow as shown in the Document Display area, i.e. "Approved" and "Rejected."



You will be able to view Stamp Annotation only if the workflow item is .pdf format.


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